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Site:Alamancecc.Edu Blackboard Collaborate portal is a digital platform for online teaching, knowledge sharing, learning and community building.

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Q: Why is my blackboard account locked?
Ans: Multiple incorrect attempts for login may result in blockage of your account. The Site:Alamancecc.Edu Blackboard Collaborate account gets locked for security purposes. You can try logging in after a few hours.

Q: How can I retrieve my password or username?
Ans: On the portal itself you will find an option “forgot my password or username”. Select this option and follow the required procedure to retrieve your password or username.

Q: Can I change my blackboard email?
Ans: Yes. You can go to the tool box and select the option “personal information” to change your blackboard email.

Q: What browser should I use for Site:Alamancecc.Edu Blackboard Collaborate login?
Ans: You should use the latest versions of either Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome.

Q: How do I log in to my Site:Alamancecc.Edu Blackboard Collaborate?
Ans: To login to your blackboard account, go to the black board learn site. Then enter your username and password and click on the login button.

Q: What happens after I log in to my account?
Ans: After you log in, you will reach the home page for the blackboard portal. Now you can create your profile and can go for the various services available.